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Kaitlin Brown

Customer Comments: the staff at the store was wonderful, very informative and wonderful.

Amy Bohannon

Customer Comments: they did a great job helping us.

Daniel Casler

Customer Comments: customer said it went good and everyone was very helpful and knowledgable

Cameron/ Matthew Brown/ Parton

Customer Comments: the staff were super nice. everything was good

Felicia Joiner

Customer Comments: Everything was great. Pet counselors were great as well

Chastity S.

Chris W.

Customer Comments: This was a great place to think about getting a puppy. All their dogs look 100% healthy and have a great veterinarian. It makes me sad seeing such a nice place getting protested and lied about. The owner has done nothing wrong if you actually search him on google and this Petland is not getting a single puppy from a puppy mill people need to do their research.

Joyce S.

Customer Comments: The staff at Petland Knoxville is very courteous and knowledgeable. The puppies as well as the other animals appear healthy and well cared for. The vet that is working with Petland is awesome! Enjoyed my visit.

Laura H.

Customer Comments: I went in a few days ago to just look around since I'm in the market for a crested gecko, and I've been shopping around a bit. I was amazed by their staff. They were ALL kind and helpful, and they really looked like they enjoyed their job. Three separate employees came up and asked if I needed help (and not in the annoying car salesmen way). They were very knowledgeable and were willing to answer my questions and show me all the animals they had available. They may not have quite as large of a selection for reptile supplies, but the atmosphere makes up for it. I am definitely going back there to buy my gecko. Their prices are reasonable too which is nice.

Mike Christian

Customer Comments: Taking the dog to the vet in four days feels rushed when you work all week and got him on a Sunday.

Harnissia Logan

Customer Comments: They were nice.

Jason Uncapher

Customer Comments: It was a good experience, her puppy had kennel cough but she is super happy with her.

Donna Wolfe

Customer Comments: Everything was great. I give it 5 stars.

Stephen Landwert

Customer Comments: it was great

Stacey Moore

Customer Comments: it was amazing, everything was easy

Mark Hasty

Customer Comments: everyone was great

Yordan Santos

Customer Comments: everyone was great, and helpful

Colton Blakney

Customer Comments: everything went great and fast puppy is adjusting perfectly at home

Mary Puckett

Customer Comments: staff was very friendly

Robert Howe

Customer Comments: customer said everyone was great it was easy and enjoyable.

Theresa Krepps

Customer Comments: customer said it was great and everyone was very kind and supportive. it was wonderful

Chad Shurley

Customer Comments: it went great everything is going well


Customer Comments: It was such a great experience buying my puppy through Petland Knoxville. The staff is amazing.

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